Sunday, January 6, 2008

Year End Sales Numbers 2007

Well 2007 is behind us now lets hope 2008 will be a better Real Estate year.

Our property values are down $75,000 to $125,00 here in The Shores and in the Condominiums at The Preserve we have seen values drop $100,000 plus.

In my opinion the restriction in the availability to hold open houses every Sunday instituted by the Committee is not helping the situation, I have found other subdivision are a lot more flexible and they realize the difficulty in the market here in Naples and surrounding area's. I understand that the committee is concerned with security and fully understand their concern, but they are not helping us with the current rules, I suggest a friendly call to them is needed. The progress on the privacy wall is coming along very well although I am a little concerned with the road construction, it looks like they rip everywhere up and then it just stops, I do not get it and this also is not helping the real estate sales.

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The latest article in the Naples Daily News today is stating that we may have seen the bottom as December figures are showing an improvement

$320,000 7825 STRATFORD DR THE SHORES 4+Den 3b 2b 2,728 2003 12/21/2007
$215,000 7788 MERIDAN CT BERKSHIRE PINES 3 Beb 2b 1,550 2003 11/29/2007
$295,000 7824 MERIDAN CT THE SHORES 3 Bed 2b,1550 2003 8/20/2007
$350,000 7437 MELDIN CT THE SHORES 3 Bed 2 b 1,857 1999 7/17/2007
$292,300 7715 BERKSHIRE PINES DR THE SHORES 3 Bed 2 b 1,550 2003 6/26/2007
$259,000 7432 BERKSHIRE PINES DR THE SHORES 3 Bed 2 b 1,527 1998 4/23/2007
$250,000 7412 BERKSHIRE PINES DR BERKSHIRE PINES 2+Den 2b 1,490 1999 4/6/2007
$357,500 7504 BERKSHIRE PINES DR THE SHORES 2+Den 2 b 1,490 1999 3/30/2007
$409,500 7905 LEICESTER DR THE SHORES 3 Bed 2 b 1,663 2001 3/19/2007
$340,000 7829 BERKSHIRE PINES DR THE SHORES 2+Den 2b 1,525 2003 2/28/2007
$340,000 7943 WEXFORD DR THE SHORES 3 Bed 2 b 1,852 2000 2/19/2007
$335,000 7707 BERKSHIRE PINES DR THE SHORES 3 Bed 2 b 1,774 2003 1/24/2007

This Is a total of 12 for the year that means we have at the moment a one year, seven Month supply of homes for sale which is not good if you are trying to sell your home.

245,000 7560 MEADOW LAKES DR, #4603 THE PRESERVE 3 Bed 2 b 1,406 1999 2/20/2007
$250,000 7720 WOODBROOK CIR, #4304 THE PRESERVE 2+Den 2b ,311 2001 5/30/2007
$220,000 7780 WOODBROOK CIR, #2703 THE PRESERVE 3 Bed 2 b 1,406 2002 6/1/2007
$225,000 7575 MEADOW LAKE THE PRESERVE 2+Den 2 b 1,311 2000 7/20/2007
$220,000 7665 MEADOW LAKES DR APT 4 THE PRESERVE 3 Bed 2 b 1,311 2001 7/28/2007
$225,000 7755 WOODBROOK CIR CIR N THE PRESERVE 3 Bed 2 b 1,350 2002 8/1/2007
$222,000 7655 MEADOW LAKES DR, #1004 THE PRESERVE 3ed 2 b 1,350 2001 8/23/2007
$200,000 7585 MEADOW LAKE DR THE PRESERVE 3 Bed 2 b 1,406 2000 9/21/2007
$200,000 7665 MEADOW LAKES DR, #2 THE PRESERVE 3 Bed 2 b 1,406 1999 11/30/2007

The Preserve saw a total of 9 Sales for the year and at the moment there is 9 for sale so that is also a 1 year supply, 1 Condo asking less than $180,000.

Bernie East ® your Resident Realtor in The Shores

Amerivest Realty



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