Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Getting a listing is good but only if it sells. Many Realtors face a daunting task today: How do you tell a seller that he should have a lower asking price – something less than the amount his neighbor got when his similar-sized home sold in 2006? Richard Coren, a Pembroke Pines seller, listed his home for $420,000 in November and it just sat there. Finally, he knocked $40,000 off the price based on advice from his Realtor, Cyndy Wald with the Keyes Co.’s Weston office. Wald says she told Coren that his $420,000 asking price was “yesterday’s news,” advice she gives all her clients. “We’re still in this correction phase,” Wald says. “They have to price it very competitively.” David Dabby, a Realtor in Coral Gables, notes that the relatively strong economy and still-affordable interest rates keep prices from falling even further – at least for now. Should either of those conditions change, however, a seller unwilling to accept a drop in asking price today could be forced to swallow an even greater loss tomorrow.

SourceFlorida Association of REALTORS

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