Friday, March 2, 2007

Just doing my Job

When I first started this Blog one of the rules was don't use this as a complaint vehicle unfortunately I have to be the first one to break it and here is the reason why.

After complementing The Shores Board for great forsight in opening the gates on 2 Sunday's for open houses.

I recieved The "Shores" Newsletter on Thursday and I was shocked to find out that open houses are only allowed on those two days because of a security issue the board think we have.

Well my answer to that is we sure have a security issue it is not that people are stealing from us from the outside the board are causing us to loose money in property values by not allowing realtor's to hold open houses, for those residents who need to sell their houses either to move out of state or to move on to bigger and better.

Just look around and see how long some houses have been on the market as of today one is standing at 534 days another at 456 days.

Some stat's for you to know and this is from the MLS listings not counting those for sale by owner.

Single Family for sale 30, 7 sold in 2006, that means we have a 4 year supply.

Condominiums for sale 24, 8 sold in 2006, that means a 3 year supply.

Now it doesn,t take a math major to see what is going to happen to the value of our property does it.

Please contact the board and see if we can reverse their decision.

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